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Lies – Churches

Ok, so it’s not every day that I post two songs by the same band so close together. But when I posted “The Mother We Share” by Churches, I had their first single “Lies” pegged as a relatively staid indie-pop track. But with more repeated listens, the addition of a proper subwoofer to my speaker set-up, and this video of the band’s first live performance, I started to get how the gritty electro-pop synths and Mayberry’s delightful vocals work really well together.

I really hope this band gets huge. Early signs indicate they won’t disappoint me.

Download via Neon Gold  Lies – Churches


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Little Talks [Music Video]

A fantastical and mind-bending music video. It somehow captures the spirit of the lyrics even though the visual depiction (band members in face paint and lead singer Nanna in a magical outfit fighting monsters) is so far from the literal meaning of the song. The video was deservedly nominated for MTV’s Video Music Award for Best Art Direction.


Haven’t heard about Of Monsters and Men before? Their debut album My Head Is An Animal is astoundingly great; you must listen to it if you’re a fan of indie/folk at all.

More from Of Monsters and Men

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Please let me introduce you to the king of downtempo, Bonobo, just in case you haven’t already witnessed his genius on Black Sands (which I find to be the best album of 2010). The album’s sequel Black Sands Remixed just came out last month. Now before you say “Oh, It’s just another lame remix album”, watch the video above and listen to the mix he posted on Soundcloud. If you’re still not convinced that he’s the king of downtempo, you can come to my house and beat me. Seriously.


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