Who We Are

We find those special songs that reach deep into your chest and twist your heart a million ways.


Sparks + Glowsticks (S + G) is all about emotions, feelings, memories. Music that makes you remember the first time you went to the beach with your friends. Or how you felt when you found a home away from home.


We’d like to think our music is the perfect companion to the upbeat lifestyle. A positive mood, regular partying, and the contrasting happiness of chill times to balance things out.


S + G was created by Ahmad Kadhim (Switch). Much love.


2 Responses to Who We Are
  1. monty Reply

    This is a sick website!!! I had to go through 3 pages on Google trying to find a website that has chill hip hop. I read through some of your other music and now im interested in dubstep. I mean, give yourselves a hand, this is quite talented.

    • Switch Reply

      Oh wow – Thank you!

      It means so much when someone reaches out and gives such a nice compliment. Makes all the work worth it :)

      If you’ve got any requests or tips or anything, let me know!

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