Moving on…

Hello everyone!

First of all, let me thank each and every one of you who has come to S+G the past year-and-a-half. Since we launched in May 2011, it’s been an unbelievable process of learning, discovering, sharing, and just enjoying the love of music with other people. I hope that you’ve felt our passion for the music and artists we cover.

That passion, however, is getting strained by the technical details necessary to build and maintain a successful blog. With only two regular writers (that’s me – Switch – and the man of few words – Spark), it’s been a challenge to keep up the consistency and volume of posts that you would want in a music blog. To top it off, the inherent design of a WordPress blog limits my dream of presenting music in a human organization with relational links and genre structures built into the discovery of the music, not an auto-generated never-ending list of posts sorted by chronology.

This is not the end of S+G. It will remain online as long as I can afford to keep it. It is my darling, my baby, and you might even catch me putting up some new music every now and then. But it’s time for me to move on… hopefully so that I can learn enough web design/programming to work on the next big thing. Something that transcends the sameness of most music blogs out there.

Until then, adieu.


Love always

- Switch



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